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Beauceron - General Information

The Beauceron comes in two different acceptable coat colors. The most common color is black and tan also known as bas rouge (red stockings). This is the same color you see in the Rottweiler and Doberman. The other coat color is grey, black and tan, more commonly known as harlequin. The harlequin has the same black and tan base coat, but they also have grey mixed in. In the US they might be called a merle.

The Beauceron is a very athletic dog that gives the impression of strength. They are an incredibly versatile breed with a powerful, muscular build, but with freedom of movement and liveliness, without heaviness. With their physical capabilities combined with their work ethic, they excel at many different things. They are used quite successfully in Search and Rescue work, as well as drug dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs. They successfully compete in tracking, obedience, agility, ring, Schutzhund, skijoring, and flyball, as well as the primary function they were bred for, herding.
Beaucerons are known for their extreme intelligence and are without a doubt one of the most intelligent of dog breeds. They have excellent memories, and their principal qualities are obedience, vigilance, calmness, courage, hardiness, and patience. The Beauceron displays an extreme sense of loyalty and an eagerness to please his master. They are sensitive dogs and seem to have an uncanny ability to sense their owners moods and desires.